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quadrispinosa (Roxb.) Z.T.Xiong Trapa bispinosa var. iinumae Nakano Trapa brevicarpa Jankovic Trapa brevicarpa f. effigia M.M.Jankovic Trapa brevicarpa f. miniata M.M.Jankovic Homonyms Trapa natans L. Trapa natans Thunb.

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Trapa natans, commomly known as water chestnut, is an annual plant introduced from Asia and has become abundant in the northeastern United States where it creates a nuisance in lakes, ponds, canals and other slow-moving water. Trapa bispinosa Roxb. Trapa natans var. natans L. Trapa natans var.

Trapa natans (Water Chestnut) was a widespread Eurasian water plant with edible seeds, and was introduced to North America as an ornamental plant in … Trapa astrachanica (Fler.) N.Wint. Trapa astrachanica var. caspica (V.N.Vassil.) N.N.Tzvelev Trapa bicornis var.

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effigia M.M.Jankovic Trapa brevicarpa f. miniata M.M.Jankovic Homonyms Trapa natans L. Trapa natans Thunb. Common names Water Chestnut/Trapa natans escaped from the Harvard botanical gardens In 1859.

Trapa natans common name

Camden Spes Report Final COMPRESSED - Zitholele

Trapa natans common name

PRECIS (KZN) Trapa natans var.

effigia M.M.Jankovic Trapa brevicarpa f.
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Trapa natans common name

The Chinese name is língjiǎo , líng meaning "caltrop" and jiǎo meaning "horn". This is often rendered as ling nut by English-speakers. Trapa natans is a fast-growing species that forms mats of vegetation that float on the water’s surface (IPANE 2013, Swearingen et al.

Afrikaans: Waterkastaiing.
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bispinosa (Roxb.) Makino : Common Name(s): water nut [English] water chestnut [English] Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: accepted Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met Common Name: Water chestnut: Scientific Name: Trapa natans: Family: Trapaceae: Growth Form: Aquatic plant: Native Range: Europe and Asia: Invasive Range: Northeastern United States: Introduction: This plant was introduced to North America in 1874 and was cultivated in the Harvard Botanical Garden, from which it was able to escape into nearby Trapa natans. In: National Exotic Marine and Estuarine Species Information System: Chesapeake Bay Introduced Species Database.

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Trapa natans L. Conservation status and threats. PROTECTED species in Bulgaria. Description and identification. Herbaceous annual water plant. Height 2 m. Home > Name Search > Trapa natans L. Choose Project. Tropicos.

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Utom på i litteraturen lämnade uppgifter rörande Trapa natans uppträ- dande hos oss As a consecjuence, there will be a general exodus from ecology of those that Dieser von Halle eingefiihrte Name (Halle 1913, S. 82) ist ja nunmehr fiir  English Common Names 91. 4. Sida polifolia L. – rosling Sällsynt Kahle Rosmarinheide; Common Bog-rosemary. Androsace f L. sjönöt Trapa natans. av H Väre · 2021 · Citerat av 1 — Producing detailed infraspecific classifications was common practice in those used the Swedish names of parishes and oth- er localities if Trapa natans, Inkoo, and other inland plants (Brenner 1925j).

Trapa natans L. (1753) Preferred Common Name. waterchestnut; Other Scientific Names. Trapa natans var. quadrispinosa Makino (1820) Trapa quadrispinosa Roxb. (1820) International Common Names. English: watercaltrop; Spanish: castagna de agua; French: noix aquatique; Local Common Names 2020-04-21 2017-11-26 2017-08-25 common name(s) water chestnut Lineage ( full ) cellular organisms ; Eukaryota ; Viridiplantae ; Streptophyta ; Streptophytina ; Embryophyta ; Tracheophyta ; Euphyllophyta ; Spermatophyta ; Magnoliopsida ; Mesangiospermae ; eudicotyledons ; Gunneridae ; Pentapetalae ; rosids ; malvids ; Myrtales ; Lythraceae ; Trapa Trapa natans is a rooted, floating plant that invades shallow to deep, fresh water habitats in the northeastern United States. It can grow in 12-15 ft.